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These earrings have an embossed texture with glass colored enamel on the surface. Each pair is slightly different due to the variation in enamel. They have gold foil dots enameled in the design. Each one is unique and color varies a bit.The top portion is sterling silver with polka dot texture.


I find it engaging to borrow designs from machine made goods.The balance of repeated patterns is familiar to me. But factories originally built to replace the slow production of handmade items, are now found abandoned throughout the American landscape. 
I reinvent the machined industrial templates by hand fabricating them into wearable art jewelry.

 I combine those textures with bright colorful elements derived from the Pop Art movement.By decelerating the production processes once used to aid us, certain intricacies may now be admired in DIY kind of way.

Industrial Enameled Stud Earrings with Sterling Silver Posts


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